Tips for downsizing your home

For the longest time now, people have generally assumed that downsizing should be left to empty nesters and seniors who are single. While this still makes sense, you should be open to the downsizing idea even if you are young. Here are the reasons why you should consider downsizing your property. Need help making the right choice? Call us for free home sale consultation!

You will enjoy more financial freedom

A smaller house means that you will make lesser mortgage payments every month. A three bedroom house in your neighbourhood should cost you less in mortgage payments than a five-bedroom house in the same area. It will even be better for you if you have built a considerable equity on your house. When you sell it in order to downsize, you will be left with some cash to spare.

Maintaining your home becomes easier

A small house means that you spend lesser time doing household chores. Cleaning the house becomes easier and less time-consuming. Spending a whole afternoon with a lawnmower will become a thing of the past. You will, therefore, be left with more time to do what you actually love.

Running your home becomes cheaper

In a smaller house, the bulbs lighting it are fewer compared to those in a larger house. Monthly utilities such as electricity and gas will reduce drastically when you move to a smaller house. An important thing to note when you are retiring is that you should reduce expenses because you don’t have an income. The smaller utility bills accumulate to huge amounts over time and this can mess you financially. Moreover, the car you drive, the furniture you buy are somehow influenced by the house you live in. If the idea is to save money or to retire, downsizing will help you in untold ways.

There is no point paying for space that you aren’t using

A bigger house will be needed when bringing up children. Within no time, the children have flown off the nest and you are left all alone with your spouse in a huge house. If you are still paying a mortgage, you will be forced to pay for the extra three bedrooms that you don’t use. By downsizing, you will have a house which serves your daily needs perfectly. Your life will also become comfier because you are not stressed over things such as cleaning, gardening, or replacing furniture.

There is more family bonding

A house that has several wings makes it possible for the family members to opt to not see each other. As it often happens, the lesser you interact with family members the more you become strangers. In a smaller house though, you will be having meals together. You will bump into each other in the kitchen, corridors and bathroom hence more bonding.

If your lifestyle doesn’t need as much house

If you are not living in your house most of the nights and days, then it might be good to consider downsizing. As it happens, retirees love to travel the world. That is when they have free time to actualize on their dreams and they also have the cash to indulge themselves. While travelling the world, you certainly don’t need a five-bedroom mansion waiting for you back at home. A smaller comfortable house will do.

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