If you are interested in selling your home, it is important to know what the 7 most sought-after features are that home buyers are looking for. Some of these features are time honoured while some of them are more modern. Knowing what these features are will place you in the position to make some changes to your home that will help to increase the selling price. Moreover, it will also attract more prospecting buyers if you can provide them with some ore even all of the features they are looking for.

1. Open Floor Plan
The era of connected living forced compartmentalised rooms each separated by their own doors and walls to step aside. Open plan living is high in demand especially where the flow of the living area connects with the kitchen. Open plan kitchens are extremely popular. People like the fact that the heart of the home is open and forms part of the general flow of the living spaces, especially during family time or gatherings.

2. Hardwood Flooring
Wall to wall carpets are no longer seen as a luxury. Hardwood flooring is the top seller when flooring is considered, especially in an open floor plan setting where it flows through the entire area. It is also highly in demand that the main floor of the property has some beautiful looking hardwood flooring.

3. The Modern Kitchen
This is one of the time honoured features that are always in demand. Home buyers always look for a modern kitchen. Although an updated kitchen will make a difference, buyers are seriously looking for a modern kitchen. The latest trends in modern kitchens consist of either hardwood flooring that flows from the kitchen into the living areas or large square floor tiles that has less grout lines.

Countertops such as granite tops are ever popular. However, the speckled look granite is replaced by a more flowing marbleised look. Highly trending is the combination of quartz looking countertops.

The ultimate feature of a modern kitchen is a large island. It can serve as a cooking, eating, and entertainment area all in one. The question about open shelving is making a reappearance but is regarded as a polarizing feature. Some people simply love it, while others do not want to consider it at all.

Modern backsplash finishes are reverting back to the 1920’s to 1930’s era with the popular subway tile patterns. Another great plus for modern kitchens are self-closing doors and pull out shelves.

4. Storage, Storage, and More Storage
In order to keep the open floor plan clutter free, there has to be an abundance of storage. Popular options apart from plenty of closets and cupboards include a separate laundry room, linen closets, and a pantry. Cabinets in the garage to keep it organised and a mudroom are also highly demanding features for current home buyers. In fact, more than 90% of home buyers today list a separate laundry room as one of their must-have features.

5. Guest Accommodation or Multi-Generation Living
Although not a must for everyone, many home buyers are looking for comfortable guest accommodation with a full bathroom on the ground level. This feature is also high in demand, especially for people who would want to accommodate their elderly family members or parents living with them.

6. Multi-Functional Space
A more common feature that more and more home buyers are looking for lately is a multi-functional space that can serve as a work from home space, a gaming loft, study loft, or recreational space. It is an area that needs to be from the kitchen or living room, outside the bedrooms where people can be separate from the open living setting.

7. Inviting the Outdoors Indoors
Homebuyers today want to include outdoor living as much as possible into their daily lives. A patio is an ever increasing requirement along with as much as possible outdoor areas. Typical people are looking for French or sliding doors that open up to an attractive patio that invites the outdoors inside. An outdoor entertaining area with an outdoor kitchen is a highly attractive feature for home buyers.

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