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North Sydney is just three kilometres from Sydney Central Business District. It serves as the administrative headquarters of North Sydney Council. Being a suburb and a major district of the Lower North Shore, many businesses have set up shop here. Among the companies which have offices here are Hyundai, Nando’s, Sophos, and Novell. The real estate market leans more on the commercial side than the residential one. This is because most of the buildings are commercial. This trend was probably started in 1971/2 when about 30 commercial skyscrapers were erected.

Shopping in North Sydney

Of all the suburbs and cities surrounding Sydney, North Sydney is probably the least lively one. It only has three supermarkets and doesn’t have the much lively Sunday shopping which other cities boast of. However, the non vibrant culture of the suburb is compensated by the exoticness and the easy to shop experience offered at Greenwood Plaza. There are several restaurants where you can satiate your appetite at. There are jewellery shops where classy gifts can be bought.

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Property Value in North Sydney

The real estate trend in North Sydney is commercial. Since the commercial building boom in the early 1970s, this side of Sydney has never looked back. The many commercial properties have attracted big businesses. It has the second highest concentration of office and commercial buildings in NSW.

The experienced North Sydney real estate agents will help you buy a house or rent one. Despite the suburb being majorly commercial, it is not hard to find an apartment. The average price for a one bedroom apartment is $700,000. With the easy access to the offices and an efficient transport system, this is definitely one of the perfect neighbourhoods to live in.

Attractions in North Sydney

North Sydney Oval which is found in St. Leonards Park is quite popular for people who want to walk their dogs and also joggers. Cricket and rugby are also popular sports played in the park. If you are a catholic or want to learn about Australia’s first saint, visit Mary McKillop Place. There a lot of learning to do when you visit Don Bank Museum. There is Stanton Library, the Walker St Cinema, and Greenwood Plaza to explore.