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Straddling New South Wales and Inner West Council areas, Newtown is one of the very vibrant suburbs of Sydney City. Newtown mainly faces King Street. Almost every other shop, commercial enterprise, or entertainment activity will be found along this street. Newtown is just four kilometres from Sydney CBD. It boasts of a population of 15,000 people. Since its establishment in 1832 when Newtown was called ‘New Town’ the town has remained simple and Victorian. This town has a truly rich history to tell ranging from how it was set up to the great oak tree found in the very old cemetery.

Shopping in Newtown

Newtown is a good place to go shopping. As it is commonly referred to by the media, the ‘Eat Street’, Newtown has a plethora of restaurants for you to explore. King Street joins Enmore Road just after the King Bridge. These two streets which are at least 9 kilometres have more than 600 shop fronts. Also found along these two streets are bars, cafes and galleries. You should however not tie yourself to just King St and Enmore Rd there are fancy and exciting things to be found in the other smaller streets of Newtown.

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Property Market

Newtown was established before the 19th century even though most of the houses were built in the 19th century. A majority of the buildings here are terrace houses. Over the years, Newtown has had to cope with people coming in and at times an all together emigration. In earlier years, this suburb was a place for the affluent but since the coming up of more modern housing in other parts of Sydney, Newtown has had to see its glory slowly and surely fade.

The property value today in Newtown varies depending on the opulence with which a house was built and also the state it is in. Many of the houses on the northern side of the town attract higher rent compared to those on the southern end near Enmore.

Attractions in Newtown

Newtown is a place which has a plethora of stories to tell. By just walking down the main street, you will feel as though you are in another ancient lifetime. Visit the Trocadero for a better taste of Newtown’s architecture. There are several feasts, festivals, and music concerts that will keep your stay here truly intriguing.

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