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Lane Cove is located nine kilometers on the north-western side of Sydney’s CBD. This suburb serves as the administrative center for the Municipality of Lane Cove. It is a quiet suburb which borders Port Jackson, Longueville and Artamon suburbs. Lane Cove is one of the popular suburbs in NSW because it offers easy access to shops, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. The origin of the name Lane is not agreed by everyone. However, in 1800 the name Lane Cove was well known in the region.

Shopping in Lane Cove

Lane Cove is one of the best-serviced suburbs in Sydney. Chatswood which is the shopping hub of the region is just 2.5km away. You should explore Lane Cove Market Square for a wide range of gift shops, assorted cuisine, beauty shops and do your general household shopping. Other places to browse include Spotted Orchid, Taking Shape, and Fuchsia Boutique. Your shopping experience in Lane Cove will always be memorable.

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Property Management Service Lane Cove NSW

Property in Lane Cove

Lane Cove is regarded mostly as a residential suburb. However, there are industrial as well as commercial properties. At the end of the Burns Bay Road, you will find Pedestrian Plaza among other commercial properties. You will also find commercial property along Longueville Road.

When it comes to living in Lane Cove, you should not break a sweat because there are great real estate agents around here. Renting a two bedroom house will cost you around $550 per week. If you are buying, a two bedroom house will set you back about $1.8 million while a four-bedroom house is $2.3 million.

Schools in Lane Cove

Lane Cove boasts of being home to some very old schools. There is Lane Cove Public School which was established in 1876. Other schools to be found here are Currambena School, St. Michael’s School, and St. Ignatius’ College which was founded in 1880. Accessing your school of choice is easy because the transport system is well organized.

Attractions in Lane Cove

You should never fail to find something fun to do while in Lane Cove. You can start with the Woodford Bay which leads to Lane Cove National Park. Parks to explore and enjoy an afternoon walk are Burns Bay Park, Blackman Park, Tantallon Oval, and Tambourine Bay Park. There are several historical places which you should visit in Lane Cove. There is Carisbrook House, Lane Cove Golf Course, and Cunninghams Reach where you can do all your fishing. Lane Cove is definitely a special place to live in.