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Real Estate Agents Double Bay, NSW 2028

Double Bay is an eastern suburb of Sydney. It is just four kilometres from Sydney CBD. Because of its proximity to Sydney CBD, it is one of the most affluent suburbs in the Sydney metropolitan and Australia at large. Double Bay is made up by Point Pier and Darling Point neighbourhoods. Since 1980s, Double Bay was the haven of the country’s most affluent persons. This neighbourhood boasts of a prolific shopping area and the best of high-end trendy labels. The real estate industry in Double Bay is nothing but vibrant.

Shopping Around Double Bay

Shopping in Double Bay can be an experience to behold. The shopping area is expansive and lavishly stocked. Generally, your shopping escapades should start at Bay Street then proceed on to Cross Street and then on to Knox Street. Here, you will find high-end fashion shops, hotels and a supermarket. There are jewellery shops to explore after which you can relax and savour brunch in one of the exotic restaurants.

Your Double Bay shopping experience will definitely be memorable in every way anytime. There is the toy shop along Transvaal Avenue to explore too. Don’t forget to take the ferry from Circular Quay which will offer you the most breathtaking views on your way to and from shopping.

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Double Bay NSW Real Estate Agent Service

Property Value in Double Bay

There is no doubt that the real estate market in Double Bay is thriving. However, the price range both for renting and buying property here is on the higher end. The amazing thing about this suburban is the ease with which you can find a real estate agent. Whether you are looking to sell or rent out your property, there are competent agents to help you accomplish your goal.

Renting a two bedroom apartment in Double Bay is in the range of $800 per week. The larger apartments and stand alone houses are more expensive. Double Bay real estate also offers some of the best commercial properties both for sale and renting.

The Attractions in Double Bay

Double Bay was established in 1788 and as such is one of the oldest settlements in NSW. You are certain to enjoy your walks along the Double Bay streets but just for a livelier time you should visit Steyne Park war memorial. Visit Murray Rose pool for a good swim or Double Bay Farmers market for a superfluous afternoon gift shopping experience.