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Bondi is a suburb on the eastern side of Sydney. It is about 7 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District. Bondi name came from the corruption of the word Boondi, an Aboriginal word which means water breaking over rocks. Bondi has a rich history which dates back to the 1800s. This suburb has a population of 10,000 people. Besides the great sceneries which Bondi boasts of, it has also produced the Waverley Rugby Club.

Shopping in Bondi

There is Westfield Bondi junction shopping centre and other shops that you can visit when you want to do some shopping in Bondi. You are bound to find the best denim, locally made active wear, organic cosmetics, luxury labels, and marvellous jewellery in this suburb. Once done with your shopping, sample some of the local restaurants. You will have a chance to savour some of the most exotic and exquisite cuisines. If shopping around leaves you smiling, trot on to the beach where your heart will melt with gladness.

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Bondi Rent Real Estate NSW

Property in Bondi

Bondi has grown in a consistent manner over the years. However, despite the suburb having a traditional way of doing building, it also boasts of modern apartment blocks. You are therefore likely to find an old terrace house of your dreams or a condominium to make your life easy and fun.
To buy a one bedroom house will set you back between $600,000 and $850,000. For a two bedroom house, the price ranges between $1 million and $1.5 million. Getting the perfect house, apartment, or even a commercial building is made easy when you use professional Bondi real estate agents.

Landmarks in Bondi

Besides the amazing beaches which Bondi boasts of, you will also find a plethora of other places and activities to indulge in. There is the Westfield Bondi junction where you can do all your retail shopping. Bondi Golf Club which comes with breathtaking scenery is another spot which you should frequent if you settle down in Bondi. The Bondi baths which are found on the southern side of the beach are a must-visit. Finally, take a walk along Coogie coast and through the ancient yet historically rich Waverley Cemetery.