Property Styling

Property Styling Increasing in Popularity for Sydney.

When you sell your house, property styling is the buzz word on everyone’s lips. It is a proven way to ensure that your property is selling faster with an increase in sale price. With the help of our property styling, your home is distinguished from the rest and cause more interest and ultimately more and better offers.

Higher Offers, Faster Sale

We know how important it is to achieve the highest possible price for your home and to attract the largest group of interested buyers. With a large pool of interested buyers chances are very good that your home will sell fast. With a wealth of experience in furniture hiring for property staging, you can rest assured that we will present your home in a way that will impress possible buyers to achieve the most advantageous results for the sale of your home.

Incomparable Style

The goal of property styling is to make buyers envision themselves living in your home. Exceptional style is one of the most important aspects to secure the best possible sale. We provide a superlative range of styling furniture to achieve exceptional results. We also understand that no two homes are the same. Therefore stylists make effort to highlight the best features of your home in the most extraordinary ways to ensure buyers focus on that.

Quality is King

All furniture used by Viviann Stuart Styling is painstakingly maintained to ensure it remains in top condition to provide the best service at all times. You can rest assured that the staging furniture we supply will look great and perfectly maintained while being used to make your home look immaculate.

Large Selection

Viviann Stuart Styling has a large selection of different accessories and furniture to ensure that your home is styled in the best possible way. It enables us to combine the correct accessories and furniture together to create the perfect ambiance to make buyers want to buy your home. Ranges are frequently updated to ensure that it is contemporary and fresh. Our in house furniture and accessories buyers search all over the world to ensure that only the best and most modern trends are available to perk up your home.