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At the best of times, buying a property, especially if you are a first time home buyer, is a challenge at its best. Rummaging around the thousands of properties online and the hundreds of printed adverts, going from the one open house to the next, and not to mention the major financial decisions you have to make. It can be an extremely overwhelming experience.

There is no need for it to be such an overwhelming experience. Not if you make use of Viviann Stuart Styling & Real Estate. With us, you can rely on professional assistance and advice relevant to your particular situation and needs.

With us you only pay when your house is sold. No upfront fees. When we help you to buy your new home, after selling the existing one, we do not charge any selling fee. We want you to be able to make the best of the entire experience. This is exactly what puts Vivvian Stuart Real Estate leaps and bounds above the rest.

At Viviann Stuart Styling & Real Estate, you can enjoy our help through the entire process from finding the perfect home in your particular price range, taking care of the financing, the conveyancing, up to the move and connecting the utility services.

Home Buyer Sydney

The first step in buying a home is to establish what purchase price you qualify for and what type of home you are interested in. First time home buyers usually start out small with an apartment while young parents are looking for a larger home, and older couples consider downsizing.
Regardless of the price range you qualify for, we will help you find a property that will suite you to the tee. We will make use of research through their local listings and use relevant data to help you make the right decision.

Finding Your Ideal New Home in Sydney

Searching for your ideal home is easy with us. You can view some properties online with their full descriptions and photographs to help you narrow down your search. We will provide you with more detailed information regarding those properties that meet your specific criteria. You can even request homes close to certain amenities such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and public transport.

Feel free to discuss your financial and investment prospects with us. With this information available, we will be able to provide you with the best available properties to consider.

There are way more about buying a house than just searching for one, choosing one, and signing a contract. Fortunately with your Viviann Stuart agent at your side, the additional services relevant through the process will be taken care of.

Make sure to call us today for help in buying your new home. You can rest assured that from the start up to the last detail, through the entire process of buying your new home will be simple, easy, and enjoyable with us on your side.