What Serve as A Good Real Estate Agent and What Do They Do?

Selling, buying, or renting is a big step to take. Many people advocate saving money by going into this process without the assistance of a real estate agent. Halfway through the process it becomes evident that although the fees of an estate agent may seem a lot of money but certainly worth every cent. Many hardships and pitfalls are avoided when the service of a professional that deals with this industry on a daily basis are obtained.

Honest and loyal real estate agents are the crowning glory of the industry. With so many professional real estate agents in the property industry today you should carefully compare the services and fees before you entrust this important life event in just anybody’s hands.

What is a Real Estate Agent?

In general, it is understood that a real estate agent is a person who assists people to sell or buy property. This can vary from something simple as a plot of land, beginner home, up to luxurious mansions.

There are two distinct kinds of agents:

  • Listing agents that assist with the selling of property or
  • Buyer agents that help people to buy property.

What We Do as Your Real Estate Agent

The easiest way to describe our job as your real estate agent is that we act as a broker or the middle man between the buyer and seller. We have the proficiency to market and sell a property for the best possible price.

Alternatively clients with the intention to buy a property obtain our service to search for properties that conform to the specific requirements they might have. It is also our job to ensure that the buyer buy the property with the most favourable terms at the best possible price.

Geographical Area
As real estate agents we excel in certain geographical areas and specific parts of the city. We are well familiar with property laws of the area regarding selling and buying and are well accustomed with property trends of the specific market, what reasonable and competitive prices for all kinds of properties are, and what aspects of properties in the area sell houses or turn buyers off.

As a rule, the majority of real estate agents charge almost similar fees. We advise you not to choose an estate agent solely based on the fee. This might set the possibility that you can fail to benefit from other important advantages or services. This can range from professional marketing to showcasing your property in the best possible way or skilled professional advice relating to current trends and marketing.

What a Great Real Estate Agent Do

  1. We Save You Time
    We make effort to save you numerous hours organising appointments for viewings and inspections in the most professional way. You also have the assurance that your property will be marketed efficiently. Another time-saving aspect is the screening of potential buyers or renters. On your own you will have to deal with people who are not really serious about buying your home. We make effort to screen possible buyers first to ensure they are serious buyers and that appointments are not a waste of time. We are proactive in constantly taking steps towards a gainful sale and to ensure that your property is on the market for the shortest possible time.
  2. An Area Expert
    As great estate agents we are area experts that are well versed in all the aspects of the real estate market. We know how to use community facts to sell your property. This will include extensive information on housing prices, demographics, local politics, public transportation, crime statistics, schools, park and recreation facilities, and council fees. We also have inside information on what similar properties in the area is for sale and how they compare to each other especially price wise.
  3. Help You Choose the Right Price
    We do not prescribe or impose a specific price on your property. However we have the resources to provide clients with all the facts, data, figures, and hidden information and costs to help you determine a realistic price for your home. We will use a number of tools to prepare a strategy that includes current supply and demand of similar properties, the selling history of the neighbourhood, and role playing conditions of the area. All this information is used to present your property in the most profitable way. Sometimes we will advise on upgrades or repairs that are needed that will significantly increase the value of your property. It is in your best interest to make the property as appealing as possible to obtain the highest possible selling price.
  4. Professionally Promote and Market Your Property
    A vital role of a great estate agent is to provide you with up to date assistance on how to sell your property in the shortest time at the highest price. We provide all that and more. This include steps like advertising, marketing, and other types of media coverage.Expect to get an extensive market strategy from us that will include a number of marketing channels. It is especially important to compare a few agent’s marketing strategies before committing to a single agent to ensure that it suits your personal budget. We make effort to pull all the strings required to achieve a successful sale.
  5. Care for the Devil in the Details
    Having a professional real estate agent taking care of you is priceless especially when it comes to the legal documentation associated with selling or buying a property. We really do take care of the devil in the details and ensure that no detail is overlook.This alone is a good reason to use us as your estate agent. It will save you money and time to avoid little errors that can have a large impact on your budget later on. We will draw up a selling contract and provide assistance on both legal and financial matters.
  6. Negotiate in Utmost Confidence
    Negotiations about the selling and buying of properties are a dreadful task for many property owners and buyers. As we are proficient and skilled real estate agents, we have the legal knowledge and experience to negotiate the best possible deal for you with your best interests at heart. We are not emotionally attached and can represent you with the negotiations in a composed and sensible way, without making any personal or sensitive information available.
  7. Available After the Deal is Finalised
    We are available for those unforeseen circumstances where the fine details might become problems. We are highly skilled in solving problems even after the deal is done and we received our commission.

These can be simple problems like legal issues, property taxes, or any further fees. As the best estate agents we will continue to work with you until the last problem is solved to ensure you receive the best customer care.