The Common Perception

The common perception is that sellers simply want an estate agent to sell their property fast at the highest price they can get. Regretfully sellers are also less reliant on real estate agents to assist them with this campaign.

The Role of the Internet

The internet caused a significant change in the game of real estate. Sellers want to market their home and more often than not believe that the internet is all they need.

Today sellers want to negotiate cost and opt for lower commission fees, but want the same service and results of traditional real estate marketing. This is not commonly the case with high-end properties, yet, it is important to consider what you want as a seller and the cost relating to the service you require.

A proper intensive self-reliant marketing campaign to sell your house is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, very few sellers really have the expertise and knowledge to take on this task without some hardship and troubles.

Review and Referral Websites

Some sellers are under a misconception regarding websites that provide review and referrals. There are a number of websites where sellers sing the praises of an agent that sold their home in just a day or two at a much better price they were looking for.

The reality is that it is rather likely that the agent had a very simple job in an extremely strong market or the property was underpriced when listed due to uninformed and unaccustomed sellers.

What Real Estate Clients Seek for In General

It is no secret that clients in the real estate industry rely on real estate agents to provide them with a high-quality professional service. There are various skills that clients value such as people skills, and technological skills.

However, the qualities and virtues of a good real estate agent are depending on the particular needs of the client.

The following characteristics are virtues and abilities all real estate clients highly value.

  • Good communication
  • Fast responses
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Sound knowledge of the purchase process
  • Expert knowledge of the real estate market
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Excellent customer service