Real estate agents spend a large number of time, effort, and money to promote their proficiency, qualities, skills, and efficiency to build a good client base and sound reputation. Usually, when real estate agents provide a great service, it will result in referrals and repeat business. However business needs to be done first. What are those skills and qualities clients regard as important when doing business with a real estate agent?

What Buyers Expect of a Real Estate Agent?

One can not place all buyers in one single category. Each type of buyer has its own level of experience and set of requirements.

First Time Buyers

Because first time property buyers are inexperienced, they will need a lot of assistance from a real estate agent. They really need someone to hold their hand every single step of the process. They will need all the transactional help, extensive interpretation on the paperwork, and guidance with the decision making processes.


Investors are more often than not more experienced in the property industry. These kinds of buyers require plenty of data to ensure they make the right investment. They too are likely to need help with the transaction and some interpretation of data and legal aspects. More often than not, investor buyers approach estate agents with a significant amount of market knowledge. Read property management service Sydney.

These buyers want an real estate agent that is excellent with negotiations, aggressive in their approach to help them locate just the right investment property at just the right price. Real estate investors highly value an estate agent that bring facts and figures to their attention that they overlooked themselves before an investment in made.

Resort and Vacation Home Buyers

When resort and vacation home buyers knock on the door real estate agents must be ready to provide ample support. The majority of these properties are in either rural areas, along the sea side, or in mountains. Typically these areas have strict environmental, building, and developmental regulations.

This kind of buyers are more often than not out of the area buyers that needs a really hands on real estate agent to represent them. In general the most problems with these kind of properties are hidden defects or problems and unrealistic pricing. All together, vacation and resort home buyers need navigation through the typical current and local market matters.

Specialised Property Types

Buyers in specialised property types for example condominiums require an agent that has good experience and sound market knowledge in the particular property type. For example condominiums, it is extremely important that someone who has never bought a condo before are familiar with the rules of the property and the financial implications. They need to be explicitly made aware of the condo association fees are calculated and that there is a possibility that it will escalate in future that will increase the cost of ownership.

The following characteristics are virtues and abilities all real estate clients highly value.

  • Good communication
  • Fast responses
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Sound knowledge of the purchase process
  • Expert knowledge of the real estate market
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Excellent customer service

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