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  2. Reduce your costs because our management fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
  3. It’s a simple process. We will do all the work for you to make your life easier.
  4. You get the maximum net profit in Sydney on your investment property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the professional property management agency operating in St. Ives and Chatwood of Sydney. Every landlord in Australia who needs full end-to-end property management service is fully catered by us. Our property manager will ensure that all our pledges and promises are fully delivered to our customers. We charge a low management fee of 6% + GST. There are no hidden charges. Our leasing fee is 1-week rent + GST. We specialise in providing rental services in St. Ives and Chatswood areas. If you are in this area, rest easy because we are the firm that tailors our service to suit your exact needs.

Our team is made up of highly qualified real estate and customer service professionals. We make sure that your property is managed in the best possible way. Our main focus is to make you earn the highest possible rent and be happy at all times. In short, you are our business. We care and we will not rest until you are fully satisfied.

You might have noticed the unfitting property management services offered in your area. We are here to raise the bar. We are a team that offers landlords great services. We are not a team that breaks promises or overcharges. Our property management services are of the highest standards and you will certainly love it.

We are a licensed real estate agency. We are able to offer our customers hassle-free property management service.

There are a number of differences between us and your local traditional real estate agency.

  • You are our first priority. We will not rest until we achieve our main goal with every client which is to make you satisfied.
  • We are a hardworking team and are direct when answering all your questions.

The other difference is that we truly know our job. We never give unprofessional service just because we want a sale. You will always enjoy the best quality advice from our accredited experts. We will not wait for you to call us. We will call you first to help you solve all your real estate issues.

We work extra hard at all times to protect your property. We know that every property has to be sold at one point. We make sure the value of your property is protected so that you can get the best value for it when you sell it. During your contract with us, things such as gardens and live hedges are worked on over time. Such simple things help add tens of thousands of dollars to the selling price of your property. At the end of the contract with us, you will have earned a profit and not incurred losses.

Every landlord wants to be in control of his or her investment property. Every landlord never wishes to be left out in the dark when it comes to their investment. We have a competent contact centre run by real people. All calls are answered or returned professionally and we never avoid picking a call.

You will get better value for your money when you hire Viviann Stuart Styling and Real Estate. We strongly believe that our leasing fee which is 1 week + GST and a management service fee of 6% + GST that we charge should cater for all property management work.

Our “no extra fees” means 6% + GST for our management services and one week’s rent + GST for leasing services. Nothing more extra is charged. When you choose us, you will never pay extra. Our service fee is also tax deductible. This means that when you are declaring your taxes, you should add back our expenses to your income. Talk to your accountant and he or she will help you understand on how to benefit from deducting our fee from your income.

No! When you choose us, you are always free to leave anytime. Of course, our services are very good and we trust this will not happen. If by any chance you are not fully satisfied with us, all we ask is that you give us a 14 days’ notice.

We have a strict screening process. By doing this, you get quality tenants and peace of mind. The screening process involves;

  • Completing an affordability analysis
  • Conducting detailed reference checks
  • Screening prospective tenant through the National Tenancy database
  • How often will you conduct inspections on my property?

When you choose us, we will do the following;

  • One routine inspection per lease term or a minimum of 1 year (whichever is greater)
  • An out-going tenant condition report. This is done when a tenant is vacating your property. The inspection is also required for purposes of bond assessment.
  • An in-going tenant condition report. This is required for new tenancy and also when you are transferring from another agency to us.

We do everything that is required in order to successfully manage your property. You are our client and we will do anything to make sure that you have an easy time and the best value for your property.

We will list your property, get you quality tenants, manage your rental payments, deal with maintenance issues and produce regular statements. In case a tribunal appearance is required, we are here to represent you.

Gone are the days when you had to be in an area to understand an area’s property market. We normally combine live property data and your own self-assessment information to analyze the trends relating to the rental market in your area. Using this, we can determine the maximum rent you can get for your property. We also help you conduct an annual rental review which will help you get the best rent at all times.

We will take care of the process for you. You should find that are not bound to a long-term contract with your current agency. This will help in making the switching process to Viviann Stuart Styling and Real Estate very easy. We can organize for the transfer of an agent within a few weeks or less.

We have a dynamic contact centre which means all your calls are picked or are returned by professionals. If you are in St Ives or Chatswood and require rentals services, we are the team to contact. We are available 24/7! Call our contact service expert or email us any day of the week!

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